Floral LeoMat

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LeoMat is proud to offer you The Floral LeoMat™. This foam play couch features:

  • Beautiful, multi-colored pattern of flowers
  • Create forts, mats, tents, tables, beds, and more
  • Soft yet durable

When you were a kid, you probably created forts and sleeping areas using spare pillows, blankets, and kitchen chairs, making a mess of your entire living room space and leaving no chairs to sit on for dinner. LeoMat aims to change all that with our tri-fold foam play mats. These foldable play mats are perfect for your kids to use their imagination and play with their friends. Whether they want to craft a cool, hidden reading nook or they want to play army with their friends, our play couches can be shaped in many ways to suit their needs. In fact, with so many ways to play, your children will be entertained for hours, and when they get tired, they can curl up and sleep comfortably on these foam play couches, too. The possibilities are endless. Order The Floral LeoMat™ today!

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