Lunar Space LeoMat

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LeoMat is proud to offer you The Lunar Space LeoMat™. This play couch features:

  • A foldable play mat that offers hours of fun in different configurations
  • A removable cover for easy care 
  • Medium-to-firm density foam for softness and strength

There's so much to love about our The Lunar Space LeoMat™ that you'll find it hard to put into words. This foam play couch is sure to become a favorite of you and your child. With so many creative ways to place this trifold foam play sofa, your kids will be able to make forts, fly to space, see distant lands, and pilot the aircraft to safety. The LeoMat cover is made from microsuede and can be easily washed, allowing your kids the freedom to have snack time in their distant lands, too. With no weight limit, your kids will enjoy free play with all their friends. Shop our perfect foam play mat, or purchase for a family member today! 

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