4 Reasons To Purchase The LeoMat™

As a parent, you quickly run out of ideas for toys for your child. You want them to have safe, fun toys that will occupy them for hours without you having to entertain them.  The LeoMat™ is a foam play sofa created by a mom to offer just that. Below, we'll take a look at four reasons to purchase our foam play mats. Order online today!

Hours of Independent Play

As a busy mom, you want to be able to get things done around the house (including just taking a break!) while your kids play. The LeoMat™ was designed to foster your child's creative mind, so they can entertain themselves for hours.

Doubles as a Sleep Mat

Our folding kids' play furniture doubles as a sleep mat. It is made with super soft, high-density foam that is wide enough for your child to curl up on and take a nap. Made with a microsuede removable and washable cover, your child will love falling asleep on this wonderful play mat.

Comfortable No Matter the Season

Many foam play mats tend to stick to kids during the summer and give them a chill during the winter. We've designed our foam play couches to be comfortable all year round. They are cool and stay dry during the hot summer months, and they are great to cuddle with during the winter.

Made for Friends (Even Furry Ones!)

While The LeoMat™ is great for independent play, it's also one of the best toys for your child and their friends, too. Our foam play mats are big enough for several kids to play on, making them great for playdates and sleepovers. Plus, with our removable cover, Fido can join in the fun, too, without having to worry about pet hair.


As a parent, our founder struggled to find durable foam play mats for her children, so she set about crafting her own. The LeoMat™ is a foldable play mat that your children will love for years. Order online today!