Fun And Educational Playroom Activities For Your Kids

As a parent, you are probably always looking for fun and educational playroom activities for your kids to do. After all, you want your kids to be happy and to be learning. Below, we'll offer up some great ideas for you to consider, and order The LeoMat™, a foam play mat, from us today! 

photo of Play-doh containers


It's tough to beat a toy that has been around since 1956. Play-Doh is a type of modeling clay that can be used to make an endless variety of objects from. Not only is Play-Doh fun, but it helps kids develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity.

photo of a child coloring with Crayons

Drawing and Painting

There is something magical about taking what is in your brain and drawing it out. Kids love to express themselves with drawings and paint. These activities help to develop creativity, writing skills, and imagination.

photo of a kid's playroom with toys and blocks

Blocks, Legos, Puzzles & More

Kids love to put things together, and blocks, Legos, and puzzles allow children to make objects out of pieces. Sometimes it's a pre-planned object, like with Legos. Other times, kids are free to exercise their imagination. These activities teach spatial learning, logical reasoning, and ordering.

photo of young boy playing with road themed Leo Mats

The LeoMat™

The LeoMat™ is a play couch that uses tri-fold technology to allow children of all ages to create shapes in a fun, easy way. The configurations are only bound by children's imaginations, and these foam play mats help children with dexterity, balance, coordination, and more. Shop online today! 


If you are looking for a fun playroom addition, The LeoMat™ is it. With the softness to take a nap or watch a movie on, but with the durability to hold shapes, your children will love these folding kids' play furniture. Free shipping within the contiguous United States. Order online today!