How Our LeoMat™ is Better Than the "Other Guy's"

When it comes to choosing a fold play mat for your kiddos, you want one with many qualities: soft, easy to configure, yet durable for your kids to, well, just be kids! The LeoMat™ is a foam play sofa that offers hours of creative fun for your kids. Below, we'll go over four ways our folding kids' play furniture is better than the "other guy's." Order online today!

Tri-Fold Technology

The LeoMat™ was designed using tri-fold technology that not only allows for hundreds of creative play ideas and games for your kids, but it also allows for easy, compact design. The other guy's foam play couch is often standard with only two cushions, severely limiting your child's play.

Double Stitching & Rugged

The LeoMat™ is made with high-quality materials, including certified, flexible polyurethane CertiPUR-US foam that is long-lasting. We use double stitching with sturdy YKK zippers so this foldable play mat will be able to withstand your child's rough and tumble play. The other guy's foam play mat often uses only single-stitching, resulting in a quick breakdown of materials.

Modern, Sleek Design

We understand that while you want your child to have the best play couch, you don't want it to stick out like a sore thumb with your home's decor. We've carefully crafted our folding kids' play furniture with a modern, sleek design to match any home decor. The other guy, on the other hand, often uses blocky, boring designs that can ruin the look and feel of your living space.

Fun Prints & Designs

The team at The LeoMat™ understands that kids love fun prints and cool designs. It helps with imagination, and it helps your kids know this foam play sofa is theirs to use. The other guy's foam play couches often come in limited solid color selections.


Your child will love the versatility of our LeoMat™. Great for imaginative play, taking naps, and family movie nights, The LeoMat™ is comfortable for kids and adults. Plus, they are durable and look great, too! Order your foam play sofa online today!