Safari Cover Set

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Change it up with our cover sets and get the most out of your Leo Mat! Our fabric cover sets include fabric covers for all four pieces of the Leo Mat; 2 tri-fold mat covers and 2 triangle pillow covers.  Our cover set features:

  • Heavy Duty YKK zippers for extra strength & safety
  • Zipper covers for extra safety from scratches
  • Double stitching for durability
  • Low-maintenance care
  • Made out of microsuede that is pet-friendly, stain-resistant and easy to care for

    Grab a waterproof cover HERE! This item ships in approximately 1-3 business days. *Does not include the foam - this is a cover set ONLY. ALL SALES FINAL.


    Customer Reviews

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    Liz Danosh
    Damaged on arrival

    Damaged when recieved. But the bigger problem is that I have reached out to this seller/business multiple times with this issue and have heard nothing. Horrible customer service.


    I purchased this cover for a Leo mat that we purchased second hand (during a time when the site was sold out!)

    In regard to the Leo Mat itself, I am floored by how well it has held up, considering that the home ours came from before was one with 3 active boys, and it is going on 6 months with my two active young boys as well. It looks as good as it did the day I purchased it, and the original cover has been washed about 15 times since coming to my house and is still in PERFECT condition. Not a loose thread, not a tear, not a stain, not a pill. It is perfect.

    That being said, I purchased the comic cover set as a backup (as we are potty training and a second cover set is never a bad thing) and I am in love with it. It is just as vibrant and beautiful as the original cover set, and the same unwavering quality.

    I have begun recommending Leo Mat to all of my friends over other leading brands. I'm a thrifty individual and tend to look for the best price. THIS is a product worth spending your money on.

    Lilly Ulmschneider
    Exceeded Expectations!

    I had heard of the nugget couch, and contemplated getting that. But I’m so glad I didn’t because we are THRILLED with our Leo Mat! We have used it for so many different things, and it’s great for lounging on the floor as a family!! If you’re contemplating getting one, just do it! You won’t regret it!!

    Dana Brewer

    We received our Leo Met in the mail quickly. Upon opening we noticed how great the quality was in the color of the cover, was very vibrant and beautiful. We have had it about a week now and it’s been a big hit in our home with our three little kids ages six months, 2 and 5 1/2. They use our Leo Matt to build forts. They use the triangles as a store to get to shelves they can’t reach they make homes cars and their imagination has blossomed since it’s arrival :) we also have couch in the Leo mat has been a great addition because it can do things that the nugget can’t.

    Obsessed 🤩

    I love how interactive this cover is. My kids play on it all of the time! Highly recommend!