Essential LeoMat (Suede cover sold separately)

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Introducing our game-changing Essential Mat: the superhero of all mats! Get ready to embrace the chaos that comes with kids, because this bad boy is built to handle anything life throws at it. Each purchase includes 6 square cushions and 2 triangle cushions, all pre-covered in our super-durable waterproof covers - ready for any Leo Mat cover to be easily thrown on. Say goodbye to those pesky messes that seem to follow your little ones everywhere!

Let your imagination run wild and create the perfect mat combo for your space by mixing and matching our rad range of covers (sold separately). Designed to make parenting a breeze, our Essential Mat benefits include:

  • A base LeoMat decked out with squares & triangles, already rocking our top-notch waterproof covers. That's 6 square cushions to create 2 awesome mats, plus 2 triangle cushions for added fun!
  • Our removable waterproof covers are like magical shields, protecting against spills and stains, so you can bid farewell to scrubbing and stressing over messes. Plus, it makes changing covers a breeze.
  • Say hello to low-maintenance care. We know you have enough on your plate, so we've made sure our LeoMat is a breeze to clean and keep looking fabulous.
  • Safety first! Our LeoMat is crafted from certified foam that has low VOC, ensuring healthy indoor air for your little ones.

Please note, this product includes a base foam and a waterproof cover. To complete your ultimate mat setup, don't forget to grab one or two of our many covers that suits your style!

This item ships in approximately 2-3 business days. Our waterproof covers are machine washable. We suggest washing it alone, on cold (NOT hot)! Tumble dry low. Do NOT use bleach. ALL SALES FINAL.


Customer Reviews

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Sarah Ayres
Brought lots of joy!

We got our 3 kids a Leo Mat for Christmas and ended up giving it to them early. They were ecstatic and have played with it every waking moment since! The suede cover is buttery-soft and heavy duty, the zippers store nicely, and the handles are nice and sturdy. My only complaint, the delivery box has pictures on the outside so they immediately knew what it was, ha!

Mallorie Lewis
So much fun!

We want 10 more!

Mr Cha
Absolutely Love it !

Just turned my in home Karate Dojo into a Playroom Living Room For my kids ages 0-8. We absolutely love the LeoMat it's now the main attraction of the room. We've already purchased 3 this month and buying a fourth next week. Planning to make a large sectional couch for the kids with them combined, each kid will have their own. So far the only flaw when we got the first one in the mail is having the kids not fight over it 😂, they built all kind of things. Hope to see more ideas for multiple couch builds. It's keeps the kids off their iPads and is definitely using their imagination more and I love how it's for all ages, get the kids playing together as well even I'm joining in. The waterproof cover is a must have on all LeoMats in my opinion.


Worth every penny!