Hunter Green LeoMat

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LeoMat is proud to offer you The Hunter Green LeoMat™. This foam play sofa features:

  • Dozens of ways to arrange this folding kids' play furniture
  • Manufactured from certified, flexible polyurethane CertiPUR foam 
  • Offers endless play opportunities

The Hunter Green LeoMat™ is sure to become your child's favorite play area. Featuring dozens of different arrangements, your child can craft the perfect house, tent, fort, yard, and more for their imaginative play. Made from a high-density foam that has been especially designed to be firm yet soft that offers durability and longevity, this foam play mat can stand up to the roughest play. With no weight limit, your child can have all of their friends over to join in the hours of fun. Our foam play couch is a beautiful color that will go with any decor. Order online for your children or others today!

  • Approximate shipping time: 3-5 business days
  • Our tri fold mat: 33” x 72” x 5” 
  • Our triangle wedge: 14” x 24”